A man’s hands never looked the same


A man’s hands never looked the same

How the struggle for presentable nice-looking hands comes to an end now.Hands - Ardib Fashion Blog


Personal presentation is always important

We have all probably been in the situation where we need to show our hands in public, by even hosting an event, or by teaching or even while at a party as we hold our glass of wine and in my case, a glass of water. So personal presentation for a man or a woman is always important and here I summarize my own experience and how I resolved the issue.


The problem

It’s always been hard for me to get presentable nice-looking hands for a few years now, I’ve been dealing with nervous ticks that express who stressed I am through my nails and fingers so my hands would never look so good and being someone who tries to help people out there to look better, I knew I had to change that drastically.


The journey

The other day I was at Shoppers Drug Mart looking foreye drops, but once I find something I need I start creating my own need to get something else and in this capitalist fashionable world I always find something ‘I need’ to leave the store happily .

So that day once I got my eye drops, I kept on walking around the store and I found that weird drop shaped QUO Refine N Shine Nail Buffer and I asked to myself: Do I really need it?  After an aobvious and convincing internal yes, I decided to go on and see what they had for me, so I ound out tat tool could help me to not only trim my nails but to also make them look shiny.

QUO shine nail buffer - Ardib Fashion Blog


After I bought it and tought deep inside me that life was beautiful, I just jumped on the car and started using it right away, when I saw my nails, they shined like diamonds in the sky, I was happy, satisfied and tremendously excited with my new nails look.



Polishing my nails is something I wouldn’t do very often, but maybe on weekends to go out or for a special event since somehow you could burn them, and you want to have not only great looking finger nails but also healthy ones, so I can suggest to buy the Vaseline Intensive Care for healthy hands and nails  on an usual basis and polish them for special occasions.

Vaseline - Ardib Fashion Blog

With the use of these two products my hands never looked the same, for a super cheap price you can get your hands back to beautiful by just doing it yourself at home, at work during breaks or the washroom if you have a meeting nearby.


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