Vancouver Marina sightseeing

Vancouver Marina sightseeing

I have obviously been to Vancouver before, but this time I decided to unveil those nice moments while traveling around my favorite place in Beautiful British Columbia. From the very south in downtown we decided to cover all Granville Island and we decided to go for the Vancouver marina sightseeing.

The ride was about an hour because after that we touched the ground on the very east of False Creek and continued our journey. The slides below show part of it.


Granville Island Market

A very decent size with many stores and a considerable amount of tourists is how I would describe this marke. We also noticed that there were so many different types of fruits that we had never seen before and they looked really tasty.

Chocolates of many kinds and designs and handicraft was one of the things that modrew our attention, the prices weren’t too bad as well. Another thing is that you can actually have lunch there if you went for a marina sightseeing by boat and got back like 2 hours later.