Waist trainers & healthy glamour


Yes!, I said ‘healthy glamour’ Some people think waist trainers/cinchers are just a senseless money waist that only helps women showing what they don’t have. No, no… big mistake! Waist trainers  help you sculpt your body in a healthy way… Continue Reading

The naked fashion of 2015


Naked Fashion. Showing off your body parts in public is the new fashion? Well that seems to be the new style for some TV stars. If you saw last year’s MTV Music Awards or the Met gala, you noticed most… Continue Reading

Hairstyle trends for men 2016.


New year, new style!, thick beards, forelocks, grays, curls and so more get together to impose the new hair style trend for next year. As Christmas is coming closer and we get ready for the last season of the year,… Continue Reading