Waist trainers & healthy glamour


Yes!, I said ‘healthy glamour’ Some people think waist trainers/cinchers are just a senseless money waist that only helps women showing what they don’t have. No, no… big mistake! Waist trainers  help you sculpt your body in a healthy way… Continue Reading

Gentlemen basic garments


Check your closet or bedroom for these items, they play an important role on every gentleman’s life. These are just the basic ones, but there are plenty more you want o check depending on your style and needs. Ladies, check… Continue Reading

Winter bumps: cause, treatment & prevention.


Some of us really enjoy winter, the snow the outdoor activities (if you’re an outdoorsy person), some more than others, of course. But is your skin safe from winter bumps this winter season? Winter bumps or scientifically known as Keratosis Pillaris… Continue Reading