Fear, Heroes and Glamour with these Halloween costume ideas.


Boooooooo…!!! so this is the time of the year to show your spooky face outside and have fun with the most colorful and new Halloween costume ideas.   I don’t know if you guys got so scare as I did… Continue Reading

(World of Miss) – Miss International 2015 partial coverage.


Being not only a fashionista, but also a Missologist, I decided to cover up a little bit of the Miss International 2015 pageant in Japan. These are my candidates as per images after their arrival, some of them have been… Continue Reading

Spring 2016 Menswear by Alexander McQueen.


McQueen’s Spring 2016 collection literally takes me away where I’ve always heard it could be, just like Christopher Ross’ song! Those captain coats are just perfect, providing a slim cut and highlighting the upper back and waist. The color contrasts… Continue Reading

Elegance, grace & poise with the AF 2015 collection by Raffaella Curiel.


Elegance, poise and sophistication, that is what this collection by Raffaella Curiel is all about.   This intellectual of the Italian fashion brings her new Autumn-Fall 2015 collection to impress with elegance and poise on every dress. Now this is a… Continue Reading

Michael Bastian – Autumn with masculine style


Michael Bastian – Autumn with masculine style. Whoever said men style was boring, they haven’t check the new @mbastia Michael Bastian’s AW 2015 collection. This intellectual of the Italian fashion brings her new Autumn-Fall 2015 collection to impress with elegance and… Continue Reading

Breathtaking colorful designs by Manish Arora.


    Colors, style, creativity, warm, cold and some pale colors, that is how I described +houseofmanish Manish Arora’s new collection this Fall. Artists like +Katy Perry  have worn these amazing designs from Manish.         Just browsing the e-magazine TOTEM… Continue Reading

Stunning eyewear by Cutler & Gross.


Eyes is the first thing we find on a face, normally, and it’s probably the first impression we have from someone. I love sunglasses and mostly important, when they are not common, something that could cause a WOW factor while… Continue Reading